Frequently Asked Questions


Why do Matrix backs have both an outer and inner shell when most manufacturers only have one?

A custom shaped Kydex outer shell provides strength and rigidity for hardware mounting, while the flexible Matrix inner shell allows for shape adjustments and provides shock absorbing comfort. There are advantages to a seating component having flex when it comes to shock absorbency and limiting tone reflex. However, flex is not ideal for hardware and headrest mounting. Matrix systems having both the rigid outer shell and flexible inner shell means we offer the best of both worlds.


What exactly is the Original Matrix Inner Shell (also known as Matrix Adjustable Micro-Modular Support AMMS)?

The ball and socket modules that make up the inner shell enable the shape to be infinitely and continuously adjustable. If adjustments need to be made, the appropriate module or group of modules are simply loosened with an Allen wrench, moved into place, and then re-tightened. There is no limitation to the number of times the shape can be adjusted or the number of components that can be added to the edges to accommodate growth.


Can the Matrix Airez custom back be adjusted at the same level as the Original Matrix Inner Shell?    

Yes! Matrix Airez enables shape adjustment in all areas and to the same degree as Original Matrix but utilizing heat instead of an adjustment bolt.


Will the Airez back shape change if I leave it in a hot car?  

No. Airez has been engineered to withstand the hottest internal car temperatures.


Why is Matrix Auxetic Custom Cushion made from auxetic foam?

Auxetic foam has been engineered to have multiple skin protection properties that non-auxetic foam does not, as well as advanced pressure relief, positioning, shock absorbency, sheer reduction, and heat/moisture dispersion.


If the inner shell uses bolts for adjustment, do they need to be tightened occasionally to maintain the shape?

No. The adjustment bolt in the modules is designed so it will not loosen on its own. There are 30-year-old Matrix seating systems which have never been re-tightened and are still in service today.


Can the shape be adjusted at delivery?

Yes! This is one of the most important attributes about Matrix Products. At delivery, if the user or therapist requests shape modifications, it can be completed in moments. If it is requested that the shape be changed back to its original location, that can be completed in seconds as well! This means the provider won’t have to return the back and/or seat to the manufacturer or make another appointment with the user, caregiver, ATP and therapist for a new delivery.


Can the size be adjusted at delivery?  What if one of the laterals it too high?

Adjusting the height of a lateral and re-shaping it takes less than 3 minutes. No cutting or trimming required.


Can Matrix products be mounted to any wheelchair or stroller?

Yes. Our Radian 360 attachment hardware can fit a wide range of tube diameters. For stroller mounting or mounting a head-to-toe positioning support to a wheelchair, Matrix’s Pivot hardware offers an infinite number of mounting configurations.


Is there a cover and foam included?

Of course! All of our products are shipped complete and ready for the user to take delivery.


Can Matrix Seating USA be used for corrective seating?

Yes! Dr. Steve Cousins, the founder of Matrix Seating, was developing corrective seating methodologies and materials in the 1970’s. It was from this development that Matrix Seating was born. Please see Matrix Seating Systems for more information and before/after pictures regarding correction. Please see our Publications page to learn more about the research and studies regarding corrective seating and the Matrix Seating Door Technique.


Is there a warranty?

Yes. There is a Limited Repair or Replace Warranty of 24 months for all Matrix custom products. The covers have a limited warranted for 1 year. The cover warranty covers damage due to material defects and/or workmanship. The cover warranty does not cover damage due to daily wear and tear or damage that is a result of mishandling, not following washing instructions, neglect, cigarette burns, or damage caused by sharp objects.


Is there a warranty for the size and shape of custom products?

Absolutely! Matrix Seating USA has a 90 Day Fit Guarantee. Most of the time when you buy a new pair of shoes, it takes time to get used to them, even if they are better than the shoes you had before. In some cases, it takes time for a user to adjust to different seating components. What makes Matrix Seating unique to most other manufacturers is the ability to easily adjust the shape, and even the size of the seating components, to help users find comfort and support.


Can I return a custom made product?

Custom backs and cushions may be returned within 90 days of delivery to the user. As it is very rare, we negotiate returns on a case by case basis, but you will always receive at least a 50% credit.


How do I purchase Matrix Products?

All Matrix custom products must be purchased through Matrix Seating USA certified providers.


How do I find a Matrix Seating USA certified provider?

Give us a call at 800-986-9319 or send an email at


How do I become a Matrix Seating USA certified provider?

A vendor application can be found on the Matrix Seating USA website. Please see Matrix Training, the application is at the bottom of the page.


What is Matrix Seating USA’s shipping address?

Matrix Seating USA

14260 W. Newberry Rd.

Suite 359

Newberry, FL  32669-2765