Matrix Airez Custom Back

The innovative Matrix Airez Custom Back (E2617) is manufactured from a revolutionary see- through material consisting of over 65% air:

  • Providing unmatched continuous airflow for the best in heat and moisture reduction.
  • Making it extremely lightweight.
  • Enabling unlimited shape re-molding with lateral, lumbar, and contour adjustability throughout.

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Airflow you can see and feel!


Wheelchair seating professionals recognize that the heat and moisture dissipation

resulting from airflow are two of the most important components to maintaining skin integrity.

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Lateral Height Adjustment

Lateral Width Adjustment

Lumbar Adjustment

Contour Adjustment

Airez Shape Adjustment

Radian 360 Mounting Hardware

The Matrix Radian 360 ball and socket design enables a truly infinite level of adjustability and can attach to any manual or powered wheelchair. Designed to solve positioning and alignment challenges, the Radian 360’s robust ball/socket and depth adjustment piston allows for correct positioning for even the most challenging of users. The Matrix Radian 360 mounting hardware is not the lightest, but it is the strongest and most adjustable. For most of the users of our products, that’s more important. Fixed and quick release options are available for mounting to wheelchair canes or a solid back pan.

Ultra Lightweight Mounting Hardware

For Airez Back and/or Custom Back.

For self-propelled lightweight wheelchairs with standard positioning needs. Limited adjustability.

Hardware Installation

The rigid custom-shaped outer shell allows for ideal attachment of mounting hardware and other accessories. The lightweight multi-axis frame hardware is easy to attach to any manual or power wheelchair. Fixed and quick release options are also available for wheelchair canes or a solid back pan.

Airez Custom Backs come with:

Spacer Fabric Cover (left)

Spacer fabric’s visible holes continue the airflow from the exterior outer shell to the user, drastically decreasing heat and moisture retention.  While soft, the spacer fabric’s texture helps keep the client positioned.

Dartex Style Cover(right)

Dartex material has a very soft and slippery surface, reducing the possibility of upper extremity skin irritation. This smooth cover material includes 3mm of silver impregnated foam, increasing softness and reducing bacterial build-up.

3D Mesh Liner(left)

The standard lightweight and breathable liner continues the uninterrupted airflow, for maximum comfort and skin protection.

Auxetic Foam Liner (right)

Recommended for users with compromised skin integrity and/or requiring tilt for pressure relief. Auxetic foam has pressure, shock, shear, and heat reduction properties far beyond any non-auxetic foam.



MRSP Pricing and How to Order

Click link below to download the Matrix Seating USA order form and view pricing details. Print, fill out, and fax/email completed forms to… Call 800-986-9319 with any questions.