Matrix Custom Molded Seating Systems

Capable of postural correction and accommodation, the Matrix Complete Seating System has an Original Matrix Inner Shell that allows for shape modifications to the seat and back after the shape has been formed.  The addition of connecting custom shaped laterals is used worldwide to correct and prevent S-Shaped scoliosis via the Matrix Door Technique.

The Matrix Seating System is made to fit a client from their shape captured by the Matrix Keen 3D scanner or from a plaster cast. The Original Matrix Inner Shell enables future shape adjustments to be made as the user requires.

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Complex Seating, Simplified!

Combining a Matrix Custom Back Support (E2617) and Matrix Custom Seat Cushion (E2609) will accommodate the majority of complex seating needs, but for users who are more complex or require postural correction, there is the Matrix Custom Molded Seating system. 

Endless Possibilities

From grow-able seating to limitless solutions, we have you properly supported. In extreme cases, accommodation is the only alternative. With Matrix, any size and shape configuration is possible.

Postural Correction

In 1976, Dr. Steve Cousins, the founder of Matrix Seating, successfully invented a mass-producible universal orthotic/prosthetic body support system.  The body support system incrementally evolved into the Matrix Wheelchair Seating System available today.

Door Technique

In 1990, a collaborative project between physicians and biomedical engineers in Sweden and England resulted in the development of the “Matrix Door Technique”, which provided corrective forces to wheelchair users presenting with scoliosis. In-depth studies and tens of thousands of drastically improved cases of scoliosis prove the technique’s validity.

Corrective Forces

The “Door Technique” concept is derived from the 3-points of thoracic correction concept.  In order for a user to be comfortable with the forces necessary to counter gravity and produce spinal correction, they must be spread over as large an area as possible to reduce pressure.  The most effective means of achieving pressure reduction and eliminating pressure points is custom molding the lateral “door” to the client.

Shape Adjustment and Growth

As correction occurs, incremental changes to the seating systems can further accommodate the user’s improved shape providing comfort and support. Corresponding shape changes to the “door” can continue the corrective process. The system can be fabricated as one piece or with the back and seat separated to allow back angle adjustability.

A Better Alternative

The door technique has been widely used throughout European countries and others for over 30 years.  As a result, spinal rod surgery to correct scoliosis in wheelchair users is practically non-existent in those countries in comparison to the number of surgeries in the United States.

Correction Concept Acceptance

The concept of correction via wheelchair seating has gained little traction in the United States as a result of limited to non-existent insurance reimbursement.

The Research

Studies and corresponding white papers continue to document the effectiveness of the door technique in facilitating correction even in those clients who were previously diagnosed as “fixed”.


  • Capable of postural correction and accommodation.
  • Enables shape modifications to the seat and back after the shape has been formed.
  • Any size, any shape and configuration is possible.
  • Capable of providing head to toe support laying prone.
  • Perfect for those users who are more complicated or require correction.
  • Available in any shape or size.

MRSP Pricing and How to Order

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