Matrix Easy Fit Custom Seat Cushion

Matrix Easy Fit Custom Seat Cushion offers all the benefits of a comfortable and supportive custom-molded seat but with unlimited shape adjustability, truly infinite growth, improved shock absorbency, and unmatched ventilation. Configuring the seat from an offloading to complete coverage configuration, and back again if desired, to confirm optimal pressure distribution, takes seconds.

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Original Matrix Inner Shell

Built out of the unique Original Matrix components, the Matrix Easy Fit Seat offers unparalleled options for shape adjustability during or after delivery. Its see-through and feel-through design enables easy confirmation of user contact by the therapist or evaluator. This design also achieves unparalleled airflow, combating heat, and moisture retention.

Auxetic Foam

Laying between the cover and inner shell is an Auxetic foam liner. Auxetic foam has skin protection properties far beyond other, non-auxetic types of foam. Auxetic foam does not deflect like other foams, ensuring that the user does not bottom out. It also has incredible shear protection and is soft to the touch while preserving the form necessary to maintain positioning.

Seat Interface

The Matrix Easy Fit Seat can come mounted to a seat pan sized interface, which easily attaches to the seat pan via industrial strength velcro. Threaded adjustment rods with ball/sockets on the seat corners enables easy seat leveling configuration on all planes.

Seat Pan Integration

The Matrix Easy Fit Seat can also be directly mounted semi-permanently to a wheelchair seat pan.  The threaded adjustment rods bolt through the seat pan and the ball + sockets enable them to be installed at an angle to avoid mechanical components under the pan.

Original Pivot Hardware

Our traditional 8 point ball and socket mounting Pivot hardware is still an option for ATP’s that enjoy turning wrenches and have an extra set of hands helping them.  The Pivot hardware offers unlimited leveling options and is ideal for seating with difficult orientation.  Pivot hardware can also be utilized for attaching whole body support systems to any wheelchair.

Washable and Breathable Custom Covers

Breathable Matrix custom seat covers minimize heat and moisture retention while maximizing comfort.

Matrix custom back covers are made with two complimentary materials. Spacer fabric mesh maximizes breath-ability and the Dartex style surround provides a smooth surface for skin contact.


  • Comfortable and supportive custom-molded seat.
  • Unlimited shape adjustability, truly infinite growth, shock absorbency, and unmatched ventilation.
  • See-through and feel-through design enables easy confirmation by therapist or evaluator of appropriate user contact on the entire seat.
  • Optimal pressure distribution.
  • Unparalleled airflow combating heat and moisture retention.
  • Available in many sizes

MRSP Pricing and How to Order

Click link below to download the Matrix Seating USA order form and view pricing details. Print, fill out, and fax/email completed forms to… Call 800-986-9319 with any questions.