Matrix Heads First Head Support

Matrix offers a complete range of comfortable and corrective head support.  Additional frame and extension combinations allow for asymmetrical head positioning. The “arm and leg” extensions of the headrests can be individually lengthened, shortened, and shaped as needed.

The adjustability of the extensions can serve a variety of purposes. ALS patients often find neck pain relief by bending the lower extensions inward slightly to create a small up-force on the neck. All Matrix head support products ensure that head positions are stabilized and clearance for ears is maximized, so that hearing is not impeded and pressure injury risk is minimized.

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Head and neck support for users who tilt/recline regularly. All Heads First head support feet can be bent inward slightly to create a small up-force on the neck which commonly results in pain relief in ASL patients.


Excellent head support for concealed switches.

Black Bear

Head and neck support with concealed switching options. All Heads First head supports with upper extensions can be slightly bent towards midline to create a ‘springy’ grip on the head to help prevent the user’s head falling forward.


Minimalist head and neck support.

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The Difference

Matrix Head Support consists of an adjustable shaped metal core and a machine washable soft padded cover customized for the client’s needs. The “arm and leg” extensions of the head rest can be moved in and out on the central frame to lengthen or shorten them. Each component of Head First can be bent and/or twisted to ensure maximum contact with the user increasing comfort.

Custom Headrests

The Original Matrix Inner Shell components can also be used to custom shape virtually any seating component, including headrests. Some ATP’s utilize the Matrix Keen 3D scanner or custom shape a headrest and send it to us for a cover, buckle and hardware.

MRSP Pricing and How to Order

Click link below to download the Matrix Seating USA order form and view pricing details. Print, fill out, and fax/email completed forms to… Call 800-986-9319 with any questions.