Matrix Custom Back Support (E2617)


Matrix Custom Back Support, E2617

Benefits of Matrix Custom Back Support:

Matrix Custom Back Support offers all the benefits of a custom-molded back with adjustability and growth built in.

The Matrix Adjustable Micro-Modular Seating (AMMS) back support is the inner shell and offers unparalleled options for shape adjustability during or after delivery.

Its see-through design enables confirmation of appropriate support of the client. This design also achieves unparalleled airflow combating heat and moisture retention.

The Matrix AMMS inner shell enables infinite growth options and is dynamic both in its adjustability and flexibility of movement. The space between the Matrix inner shell and rigid outer shell allows superior shock absorption.

Foam cushions:

The Matrix Custom Back Support offers unparalleled pressure relief and comfort. Our unique viscoelastic open cell liquid foam injection process produces a soft cushion that accurately replicates the client’s shape. The foam responds appropriately to changes made by the inner shell.

Outer Shell and Mounting Hardware: 

A thin profile, rigid, custom-shaped outer shell allows for easy attachment of mounting hardware and accessories. Lightweight multi-axis frame hardware is easy to attach to any manual or power wheelchair. Fixed and quick release options are available for wheelchair canes or a solid back pan.

Washable and Breathable Custom Covers:

Breathable Matrix custom back covers minimize heat and moisture retention while maximizing comfort.

Matrix custom back covers are made with two complimentary materials. Airflex mesh maximizes breathability and the Dartex surround provides a smooth surface for skin contact.

MSRP Pricing and How to Order:

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