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Where it started...

The Matrix concept began as a Canadian research project conducted from 1975 to 1978. The aim was to create a mass producible universal O&P body support system.

"A seating system with dynamic motion has long been considered the utopia for custom molds for many therapeutic benefits. Over the last 40 years Matrix Seating has evolved to meet this unique clinical benefit.”

~ Steve Cousins, PhD, Founder of Matrix Seating Ltd.

Steve Cousins, PhD and founder of Matrix headshot


The Matrix concept is created

Matrix Gen 1

Custom-molded seating & Adjustable Micro-Modular Seating (AMMS) development occurs. Matrix Generation 1 is created in the UK during the 1980s.


Matrix Gen 1 & Gen 2

Matrix Gen 2

AMMS orthotic correction R&D occurs in Sweden and the UK. Matrix Generation 2 is developed during the 1990s.

Matrix Seating USA officially launches - 2011

Matrix Easy Fit Back Support & Matrix Complete Seating evolve due to focus groups in the US.

Original matrix with ABS cladding and mounted on wheelchair closeup


Matrix enters the US


Matrix Seating USA launches Matrix Custom Back Support and Radian 360 hardware.

Original matrix side by side image, one with cover and one without showing inner and outer shells

A major industry breakthrough - 9/22/21

Matrix AIREZ Custom Back launches in September 2021 as the first-in-industry 3D printed custom wheelchair back.

AIREZ Back inner shell


AIREZ launches & continues to innovate

How it's going...

Matrix is currently working on new products that will further improve client experiences and advance the custom wheelchair industry.


Matrix AIREZ Custom Seat Cushion launches the first 3D printed custom wheelchair seat with no foam. Soft and positioning combined.

AIREZ cushion

Our Story

Matrix Adjustable Micro-Modular Seating (AMMS) was developed by a group of physicians, scientists, engineers, DME providers, OTs, PTs, and ATPs, who have committed their careers to providing postural management and complex rehab seating for children and adults.




We believe in education and teamwork, and strive to make ourselves accessible to the public.

We offer Matrix Training: to enable understanding of our products and promote.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard, so you can trust in us and what we do.


Matrix training presentation

Simplifying complex rehab with innovative technology for over 50 years

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