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Matrix Airez Custom Back

The Airez Custom Back (E2617) is the future of custom molded wheelchair back support.  Airez provides all the shape adjustability of the Original Matrix back, while also being extremely lightweight and providing airflow that you can see and feel.

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Matrix Wheelchair Cushions

The Matrix Custom Seat Cushion (E2609) is milled from cutting-edge Auxetic foam, which is scientifically proven to have superior skin protection and pressure relief properties compared to non-Auxetic foam.

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Original Matrix Custom Back Support

Matrix Custom Backs (E2617) are custom built with the Original Matrix Inner Shell for every client’s unique shape, offering ideal pressure relief and support, as well as infinite growth and adjustability.  

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Seating Systems

Whether it’s combining the pressure relieving Matrix seat with a custom back, building a head-to-toe body support with Original Matrix, or attempting scoliosis correction via the Matrix Door Technique, Matrix provides comfortable postural support and peerless adjustability.

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