Matrix AIREZ Custom Seat Cushion

The Matrix AIREZ Custom Seat is crafted in three layers: Additively Manufactured Base: Made from the revolutionary AIREZ material, the base of this seat provides unmatched airflow. Auxetic Foam: Auxetic...

Matrix Airez Custom Back

The innovative Matrix Airez Custom Back (E2617) provides all the support and shape adjustability of the Original Matrix back, and is made from a revolutionary see-through material consisting of over 65% air, providing unmatched airflow for the best in heat and moisture reduction.

Matrix Heads First Collars

The heads first collar is a head support which provides low-profile, firm but comfortable cervical support.

Matrix Heads First Head Support

Matrix offers a complete range of comfortable and corrective head support. All Matrix head support frames and extensions are adjustable to allow for asymmetrical head positioning.

Matrix Custom Molded Seating Systems

For complex seating, do you accommodate or attempt correction? Combining a Matrix Custom Back Support (E2617) and Matrix Custom Seat Cushion (E2609) will accommodate the majority of complex seating needs, but for users who are more complex or require correction, there is the Matrix Custom Molded Seating system.

Matrix Custom Seat Cushion (E2609)

Matrix Custom Seat Cushion (E2609) is crafted from Auxetic foam that is soft to the touch yet maintains absolute client positioning. Auxetic foam has been proven to have advanced skin protection properties for pressure relief, positioning, shock absorbency, sheer reduction, heat and moisture dispersion.

Matrix Easy Fit Back Support

Matrix Easy Fit Backs (K0669) have been providing unique solutions to ultra-complex seating challenges for over 50 years! The Original Matrix Inner Shell can accommodate any seating configuration and allows for easy growth and shape changes, and the option of adjustable, custom shaped laterals for trunk alignment.

Matrix Keen 3D

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Matrix Custom Back Support (E2617)

Matrix Custom Backs (E2617) are made using Original Matrix Inner Shell to allow for truly unlimited growth, shape adjustability, shock absorbency, and breathability. The advanced pressure reducing properties of the optional Auxetic foam liner add an extra level of protection for users with skin integrity concerns.