Matrix Heads First Collars

The heads first collar is a head support which provides low-profile, firm but comfortable cervical support.

Matrix Easy Fit Custom Seat Cushion

For over 40 years, the Matrix Easy Fit Custom Seat has provided hundreds of thousands of wheelchair users comfort and support worldwide with our unique Adjustable Micro Modular Support (AMMS) system.

Matrix Heads First Head Support

Matrix offers a complete range of comfortable and corrective head support. All Matrix head support frames and extensions are adjustable to allow for asymmetrical head positioning. The adjustability of the extensions can serve a variety of purposes. ALS patients often find neck pain relief by bending the lower extensions inward slightly to create a small up-force on the neck.

Matrix Custom Molded Seating Systems

For complex seating, do you accommodate or attempt correction? Even for extreme cases, Matrix custom molded seating has been doing both for decades!

Matrix Custom Seat Cushion (E2609)

Matrix Custom Seat Cushion (E2609) is crafted from a proprietary foam that is soft to the touch yet maintains absolute client positioning, Matrix Custom Seat Cushion also disperses heat and moisture for the best in skin protection.

Matrix Easy Fit Back Support

Matrix Easy Fit Backs are infinitely adjustable and can easily be grown to accommodate weight gain or loss. The auxetic foam layer enables the shape to be changed without the foam becoming thinner and its unique properties make it unmatched for skin protection from shear, pressure, heat and moisture.

Matrix Keen 3D

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Matrix Custom Back Support (E2617)

Matrix Custom Back Support (E2617) offers all the benefits of a custom-molded back but with a unique inner shell that enables unlimited shape adjustability, truly infinite growth, shock absorbency, and unmatched ventilation. Between the cover and the inner shell is a layer of custom shaped auxetic foam whose unique properties make it unmatched for comfort, skin protection and positioning.