Matrix Easy Fit Back Support

Matrix Easy Fit Backs are infinitely adjustable and can easily be grown to accommodate weight gain or loss.

Once the Matrix Easy Fit Back is properly formed, each section of Matrix is locked into place to create the client’s shape. If adjustments need to be made, the appropriate section or sections are simply loosened, moved into place, and then re-tightened. To increase or decrease the size of the Matrix Easy Fit Back, segments can be added or removed.

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Radian 360 Mounting hardware

Our infinitely adjustable Radian 360 mounting hardware enables adjustment on all planes, ensuring appropriate user positioning. Height, rotation, angle and depth can be adjusted at multiple points. Once one plane of positioning is established, other planes are easily locked into place and most final adjustments don’t require loosening previously locked points. The Radian 360 hardware can be mounted to any manual or powered wheelchair via the universal cane clamps and/or available surface mounts for attachment to solid back pans.  Mounting hardware is available in fixed or quick release styles.

Pivot Mounting Hardware

Our traditional 8 point ball and socket mounting hardware is still an option for ATP’s that enjoy turning wrenches and have an extra set of hands helping them.  Recommended for much larger than normal backs and seating systems that require significant support and rigidity due to their size and/or user spasticity.

Outer Shell

The rigid outer Kydex shell is the ideal interface for mounting and headrest hardware. It can also add rigidity to strategic points and is shaped according to each client’s specific needs.

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Multi-plane adjustment

Lateral Rotation

Verticle Adjustment



Hardware Installation

The rigid custom-shaped outer shell allows for ideal attachment of mounting hardware and other accessories. The lightweight multi-axis frame hardware is easy to attach to any manual or power wheelchair. Fixed and quick release options are also available for wheelchair canes or a solid back pan.

Matrix Shape Adjustability and Growth


The top 3 layers of Matrix Easy Fit backs are all breathable, reducing heat and moisture build up. You can feel a fan blowing through it!

Washable and Breathable Custom Covers

Breathable Matrix custom back covers minimize heat and moisture retention while maximizing comfort.

Matrix custom back covers are made with two complimentary materials. Spacer Fabric material maximizes breathability and the Dartex surround provides a smooth surface for upper extremity skin contact.


  • Increase or reduce back dimensions to accommodate a client’s weight gain or loss and/or a pediatric client’s growth.
  • Increase or reduce back depth, adjust tilt, and asymmetrical positioning with easily adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Unparalleled ventilation, promoting skin integrity.
  • Superior flexibility and movement.
  • Matrix Easy Fit Back can be mounted to the canes or back pan of any wheelchair via Matrix pivots that allow for asymmetric mounting, depth adjustment and complex curves.

MRSP Pricing and How to Order

Click link below to download the Matrix Seating USA order form and view pricing details. Print, fill out, and fax/email completed forms to… Call 800-986-9319 with any questions.